The Karen National Union (KNU) is a democratic organisation respresenting the Karen people of Burma. Our goal is peace and prosperity in a democratic federal Burma.

Statement on SPDC’s 2010 Election Designed to Perpetuate Military Dictatorship Rule

07 Nov 2010

We, the KNU, declare that the elections being held now will bring neither change nor peace to Burma. The elections are held merely for a cosmetic change of direct rule by the generals from a military council to the military rule behind a civilian façade for legally continuing the oppressive military rule and human rights violations against the ethnic nationalities.

As the time for elections drew near, incidents of forced labor,extortion, arrest and torture of the villagers, using the villagers as human shield, rape of women, destruction of villages and burning of farms by the SPDC soldiers increased, instead decreasing. The villagers have to face human rights violations daily and lead a life of living in terror.

The SPDC’s election laws and the election itself are devoid offreedom and fairness. Ignoring urgings of the international community by the SPDC to release the political prisoners, including Daw Aung San SuuKyi, and continuation of military offensives against civilians in the ethnicareas are indication of patent recalcitrance of the dictatorship.

Just as we do not accept the SPDC’s 2008 constitution, which does not guarantee the basic rights of the ethnic nationalities and which only ensures the rule of the military dictatorship, we will not absolutely accept the current elections and the election results.

In conclusion, we earnestly urge the international community and the United Nations not to absolutely accept the results of the elections currently held by the SPDC and to pressure the SPDC to find resolution of problems through the process of tripartite dialogue.

Supreme Headquarters
Karen National Union

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