The Karen National Union (KNU) is a democratic organisation respresenting the Karen people of Burma. Our goal is peace and prosperity in a democratic federal Burma.

President’s Address on 62nd Anniversary of Karen Revolutionary Resistance Day Dear Karen

27 Jan 2011

Dear Karen Nationals,
Officers and Men of the Karen National Armed Forces,

Today, January 31, 2011 is the 62nd Anniversary of the Revolutionary Resistance Day. On this special and dignified day, I would like to greet you by wishing you – all the valiant colleagues in the Karen National Armed Forces and the entire Karen people – to be healthy and cheerful in body and mind.

We the Karen people are a major ethnic nationality living in this country, Burma, and endowed with all the characteristics befitting a nationality. We the Karen people are honest and love truth and peace. However, due to persecution by successive rulers, we have never had a chance to enjoy peace, have to migrate to places all over the world and have to face with all kinds of difficulty and poverty.

We, the Karen people, started the demand for the rights of the Karen people peacefully, during the rule of the AFPFL regime, but the ruling AFPFL regime rejected the demands and started to attack on the KNU Headquarters on January 31, 1949. The Karen people had no choice but to take up arms for resistance and in self-defense. Thus, the Karen People’s Revolutionary Resistance Day came into being.

Today is the day when the Karen revolutionary resistance has been in existence for exactly 62 years. In the 62 years of revolutionary resistance, though we have to bear bitterly the enemy’s violent military offensives and divisive plots against us by various means, our resistance continues to exist until now, because our resistance is true and just. It is also due to the solid morale, genuine faith and unrelenting perseverance and diligence of our revolutionary comrades.

Though we have to continue to resist, since the time of the AFPFL regime up to the present time of military rule of force and terror, we have demanded consistently to resolve peacefully by political means the question of the rights desired by us. However, the successive regimes treat our demands as a game for their political play and always try to eliminate our resistance by various means.

For the strengthening their hold on power, the military dictators ruling the country by force, are about to produce a puppet government by holding a sham election on November 7, 2010. On our part, we will not absolutely accept the illegitimate rule of the people of Burma by the puppet government of the military dictators and struggle on until we achieve our true revolutionary resistance’s aim - the establishment of a democratic federal union.

For achievement of victory of the Karen revolution, it is not only the duty of Karen revolutionaries but also of every Karen. We have to achieve Karen revolution’s victory by establishing the Karen people’s unity through the support and cooperation of the Karen people.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you to struggle on until a democratic federal union guaranteeing the rights and existence of the ethnic nationalities is established, taking lessons from the enemy’s plots of dividing us in the past 62 years for the future march in our revolutionary movement, with political and revolutionary alertness, bearing in mind the Four Principles laid down by our leader Saw Ba U Gyi and hand in hand with our fellow ethnic nationality and democratic forces.

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