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Letter of Felicitation by KNU to the Wrist-Tying Ceremony

31 Aug 2012

The Full Moon of Wgaung 2750, Karen Era (KE), September 1, 2012, is the day on which the traditional Karen Wrist-Tying Ceremony is held. On this auspicious day, the Karen National Union (KNU) would like to extend its best wishes to every Karen individual to be happy and healthy in mind and body, and to be free from all dangers.

On this day, the Karen people of different clans, living in various places, get together and express affection and unity, and promote traditional customs, culture and literature. It is also the day, on which the Karen people affirm their appreciation for progress and freedom, based on human rights and self-determination, like the other nationalities, and their desire for living in peace and unity.

The Karen people have the disposition to live together, in weal and woe, with other fellow nationalities, who love peace. Holding prideful ceremonies for reviving traditional customs and culture of a people, in a way, mean maintaining the dignity of that people.

The wrist-tying ceremony is not related to any religious practice. It is a cultural practice to promote unity and in which the different Karen clans of any religious persuasion can participate.

The Karen wrist-tying ceremony congregates family members and relatives living in different places for the restoration of patriotic spirit and strengthening the soul. It is a meaningful traditional custom and festivity for recombining the physical and spiritual entities, for each individual participant.

For that reason, the Karen people of different strata living in various regions, inside and outside of the country, are urged to participate enthusiastically in the annual event of wrist-tying ceremony held in Wagaung month, and to revitalize and maintain the meaningful cultural practice.

In closing, the KNU would like to express, with this letter of felicitation, its warm wishes for the Karen people to realize all their aspirations.

Karen National Union
Supreme Headquarters

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