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KNU Statement on Systematic Distribution of Narcotic Drugs by SPDC & Advice To The People

15 Jan 2010

KNU Statement on Systematic Distribution of Narcotic Drugs by SPDC & Advice To The People

Involvement of leaders of the SPDC military clique in systematic distribution of narcotic drugs, including amphetamine and heroin, has come to light since September 2009. The project is controlled by the SPDC top leaders. A number of the generals and colonels at the lower levels, having no choice but to follow orders, have become drug traffickers.

For personal benefit, the SPDC generals and authorities had been involved covertly in trafficking of narcotic drugs, for quite a long time. However, the present systematic involvement, unlike before, is part of the SPDC plan relating to military-political strategy, the objectives of which are as follows:

1. To raise enough funds for victory in 2010 election and to annihilate the democratic and ethnic armed oppositions;
2. To raise funds for the SPDC armed forces for military offensives against the armed oppositions and to sow dissension among the opposition organizations, especially those working closely with the KNU;
3. To increase addiction of the youths in the country so as to divert their attention away from political activism;
4. To use the trickery of blaming the armed ethnic organizations and the KNU by massively exporting the drugs to the international market, through neighboring countries.

The KNU has consistently opposed narcotic drugs and taken action, according to law, against anyone involved in the use, production and trafficking of them. It accepts the international anti-drug movement and has cooperated with anti-drug organizations and forces by various means.

In the distribution of narcotic drugs, the SPDC depends on traffickers in the guise of business operators and traders. They are used in trafficking drugs into China, Thailand and India. The DKBA is responsible for the trafficking of drugs in the Karen State and the Thai-Burma border areas. It has targeted even the refugee camps in Thailand as its market.

The trafficking of illicit drugs by the SPDC is on the increase. As shown by the frequency of arrest or by the amount of drugs captured in Thailand since October 2009, it is much higher than that of the previous years. As the nearest evidence, we can show the publication detailing information on narcotic drugs, dated December 31, 2009, which stated that 1.98 million amphetamine tablets, with a value of 500 million Baht, were captured in Bangkok, in
addition to 3.5 Kg of heroin. According to the Thai authorities, the capture is 3 times higher than the normal rate.

For the reason mentioned above, it is especially necessary for the leaders concerned and all those responsible, to inform the people, through their staff and workers, about the SPDC plan, and concertedly oppose it.

Advice to the People

• To immediately inform the local authority or responsible person about any information or evidence relating to narcotic drugs;
• To expressly take action, according to law, against any person involved in the use of narcotic drugs or the trafficking of narcotic drugs;
• To reject carrying a bag or package of a stranger or a person, who has had a criminal record, voluntarily or with payment, without inspection of it to see if it infringes the law;
We advise all the businesses, brokers and traders to be aware of the SPDC’s plan of debasement and genocide and to concertedly oppose its evil scheme.

We earnestly urge all our friends, allies and colleagues to oppose, and expose to the World, the wicked and wanton plan of the SPDC.

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