The Karen National Union (KNU) is a democratic organisation respresenting the Karen people of Burma. Our goal is peace and prosperity in a democratic federal Burma.

KNU Statement on SPDC Parliament & Government

08 Feb 2011

1. In May 2008, the SPDC1 military dictatorship held a rigged referendum on the State Constitution, which was drafted by the SPDC-selected members of the National Convention. The Constitution gives 25% of the seats in all elected bodies to military representatives and all important ministries are to be headed military men.

2. Again, on November 7, 2010, the SPDC held a thoroughly manipulated general election, designed to give a landslide victory to its puppet party, the USDA2. The election followed over 20 years of brutal suppression and marginalization of the NLD3, ethnic nationality parties and democracy activists through unfair orders, laws and the use of violence.

3. The parliament recently convened by the SPDC under its 2008 State Constitution is nothing but a rubber-stamp parliament, and the government to be formed will be a puppet under the complete control of the military dictatorship. The majority of members of the government will be ex-military men in civilian clothes, and this new government will follow the same principles, policies and programs the military dictatorship has followed.

4. The country will continue to suffer from poverty, instability and chaotic conditions as the military dictatorship and its cronies continue to loot the state’s coffers and natural resources and perpetuate oppressive rule. The dictatorship will continue to allocate more of the state budget to its military apparatus to eliminate the resistance forces of the ethnic nationalities and control the restive population, rather than working through political means to promote national reconciliation, durable peace and stability.

5. In spite of years of urging by the international community and the peace and justice loving countries of the world, the military dictatorship continues to rely on violence, oppression, greed and aggression to control the people of Burma. The people of Burma, the ethnic nationalities and the international community are not deceived by the dictatorship’s attempt to hide behind its rubberstamp parliament and puppet government with a civilian façade.

6. For the above reasons, we, the KNU, reject and denounce the military dictatorship’s parliament and the government that will be formed in the near future. We call on the international community and the peace and justice loving countries of the world to also reject and denounce the new parliament and government.

7. We further call on the international community and the peace and justice loving countries of the world to continue pressing the SPDC to resolve the country’s problems peacefully. The SPDC must engage in a dialogue with democratic and ethnic nationality forces; stop its war of aggression against the ethnic nationalities, particularly against ethnic civilians; and release immediately and unconditionally the more than 2000 political prisoners.

Supreme Headquarters

Karen National Union

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