The department of Interior and Religious Affairs

Working for 3 main issues - Genernal Administrations and Karen National Police Force Administration

1. General Administrations
• Household registration
• Social affair
• Land affair

2. Karen National Police Force Administration
• The prevention of crimes and other violation of the law
• the disclosure and investigation of crimes
• the protection of civil rights , freedom and poverty
• protection of peace , public security and public order

3. Promoting and developing of Religious Affairs ,
• People in Kaw Thoolie , state have freedom of religious beliefs - can choose his/her own religious base of her belief / will
• Every citizens in respective of sex , religious and class shall be equal before the law
• Based on the principles, every religious may pursue development on an equal basis and there is no national religious
• The religious organizations may also invest money donated by believers.
• They may also operate charitable , public interest oriented and social educational enterprises to help society

Karen National Union